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released March 26, 2015

Recorded by Victor Buell IV and Al Kraemer

Mixed by Victor Buell IV

Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios

Album artwork by Brett Erich Suemnicht

Guest Musicians:

Michelle Pinnola - Violin (tracks 1, 5, and 8)
Emily Burrows - Cello (track 1)
Kyle Smith -Vocals (track 8)



all rights reserved


YLLA Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"...alternatingly menacing and intriguing incorporating discordant, math-rock riffs and screaming between segments of subdued vocal melodies, horns, sound samples and soft, static-y feedback–often within the same song."

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Track Name: []
I wish I'd never left you alone
With glass eyes staring towards the sea
It never rains the same way anymore

I'll bury fresh ash in this dead cold soil
To destroy those parts of me
I'll become part of you, my friend
Track Name: Silver Armor
Take your arms out, sink through fibers
Under waves of dripping glass tears wash the air
Feel the pinprick, feel your veins swell
A wash of static comfort carries you away
Through shallow skies we’ll learn to live
It’s all the same I swear
I’ll feel better now treated, discarded
I’ll feel baths of silver as they washed over fresh skin and formed calloused armor

Stay awake,
Stay right next to me
Stay inside with me on the windowsill
Catching colors in morning glasses before you leave

There’s a place for us
Track Name: Rheya
I’ll be there when you fall
Out of touch and out of place
We’ll fall past the stars forever so lay
Your cold hands onto mine

Tangled webs to cut away
Stretch and pull the tides down

Our hands peel back calloused scarred memories
In letters and words that never said the things I feel
Crushed and gleaming glass threads grew
In spreading shadows, then
Fell forever

The pieces they spun out expanding refracting the afterglow in reds then blues and greys
Track Name: Stuck Between Breaths
Aching lungs return the air gasping and empty

Underneath our shaking feet
Spreading webs expand in stone
Curling waves stood still in sway, stuck between

Felled trees thawed and choked the river
When it broke it filled the sea with crooked necks
Yet I smiled with broken teeth
It reminds me this broken world will never heal
Track Name: Broken Teeth
The sunlight fell through castles whose faces
Had wrinkled and decayed
They stand insignificant
Their shadows stretch around the earth and
Blanket wind scarred expanses
The heat rises in waves that’d warped
The distant horizon for years and years

The cornerstone stretched and pulled back and forth
For centuries, through eons
Broken teeth
Fell out like leaves in fall
I grabbed the key and buried it deep
In old eyes that had seen the suns die
So many times before

Cycles slow and shudder then return to a standstill
Breathing nothing anymore but threads of clouds
Track Name: The Big Crunch
Fall through fragile stratum that breaks under our feet
Our figures will turn into charcoal sketches
Of our shadows on the rocks below
Fall out, strained steel shudders
And tears through the stretched patchwork

You remember me don’t you?
Remember you?
I’ve spent 40 years remembering you, Sandy,
painting a picture inside my head,
listening to your voice,
thinking about your touch…
I’ve spent 40 years surviving for you Sandy.
It can still be that way. The way you are
The way I am.

Stand still
Stand still and wait
For the buzz and chatter
As the static slides to face us as it
Lights up and remains tall and near
Stand still and wait for it all to dissolve and fade
Stare out and wait until the hourglass is empty